Chilean photographer. Her work transits between documentary photography and art, making visible realities that sometimes go unnoticed. In her career, she has focused on issues such as gender, human rights, migration and indigenous peoples, working mainly for NGOs and multilateral organizations such as UN Women, IOM, UNHCR, América solidaria and INDH. Her immersive work methodology has allowed her to deal with complex issues with great sensitivity, generating a complicity between those portrayed, the photographer and the possible audiences.
In her personal projects, a long-term work on indigenous peoples stands out, through the vision of a young Aymara friend named Deysi. She also highlights her work with Haitian migrants in Chile, with which she has denounced the living conditions of migrants in her country. Her latest ongoing project, with victims of human rights violations during the dictatorship in Chile, hopes to become a soon-to-be-published photobook.
She has exhibited in Chile, Spain, the United States, India and the United Kingdom, and has recently been recognized with the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Humanity award.
She is currently dedicated to making documentary projects and territorial work with non-profit organizations.
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2023 # Winner - Indian Photo Festival Open Call, India.
2023 # Semi-finalist - Head On Photo Festival, Australia.
2023 # Winner Courage - Helsinki Photo Festival Open Call, Finland.
2023 # Winner Portrait of Humanity vol.5 - British Journal of Photography, UK.
2022 # Selected Afterword - Small Talk Collective exhibition, Portland - Oregon, USA.
2022 # Finalist FORMAT 23 Open Call, UK.
2022 # Selected for collective exhibition "Bitácora de una pandemia" Cooperativa fotógrafas, Chile.
2022 # Commissioned by OIM "todo lo que está bien" campaign, Chile.
2021 # Commissioned by UN Women "Originarias" , Chile.
2019 # Finalist "Fundación Lariviere" Prize, BA Photo, Argentina.
2018-12 # Selected "one of 2018 best publications" by Robin Tietcher - Photobook Store, UK.
2018-09 # Photobook release "Kay Nou - Sin Título", Chile.
2018-04 # Collective Exhibition "¿A qué distancia miramos la diferencia?", Galería Casa Uno Campus Creativo UAB, Santiago, Chile.
2017-10 # Collective Exhibition "Between poetry and documentary: photographic dialogues about migration" ,Valparaiso, Chile.
2017-08 # "Being born in Haiti" solo exhibition, Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile.
2016 # Commissioned by Leche para Haití, to work on child malnutrition, Haiti.
2016 # Commissioned by América Solidaria, to work on education right, Haiti.

2021-2022 # Master in Photography MAPA - Escuela Lens, Madrid, Spain.
2018 # "Not all those who wonder are lost" Experimental workshop with Alec Soth, Medphoto festival, Crete, Greece.
2017 # "Between poetry and documentary: photographic dialogues about migration" workshop with Paul Hutchinson, FIFV, Valparaíso, Chile.
2015 # Bachellor's degree in Photography and Digital Creation, CITM, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain.
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