2022 # Selected for collective exhibition "Bitácora de una pandemia" Cooperativa fotógrafas, Chile.
2022 # Comissioned by OIM "todo lo que está bien" campaign, Chile.
2021 # Comissioned by UN Women "Originarias" , Chile.
2019 # Finalist "Fundación Lariviere" Prize, BA Photo, Argentina.
2018-12 # Selected as "one of 2018 best publications" by Robin Tietcher - Photobook Store UK
2018-09 # Photobook relase "Kay Nou - Sin Título"
2018-04 # Collective Exhibition "¿A qué distancia miramos la diferencia?", Galería Casa Uno Campus Creativo UAB, Santiago, Chile
2017-10 # Collective Exhibition "Between poetry and documentary: photographic dialogues about migration" Muelle Prat,Valparaiso, Chile
2017-08 # "Being born in Haiti" solo exhibition, Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile.
2016 # Comissioned by Leche para Haití, to work on child malnutrition, Haiti.
2016 # Comissioned by América Solidaria, to work on education right, Haiti.

2021-Currently # Master MAPA - Escuela Lens, Madrid, Spain.
2018-04 # "Not all those who wonder are lost" Experimental workshop with Alec Soth, Medphoto festival, Crete, Greece.
2017-09 # "Between poetry and documentary: photographic dialogues about migration" workshop with Paul Hutchinson, FIFV, Valparaíso, Chile.
2015-12 # Bachellor's degree in Photography and Digital Creation, CITM, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain.
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